Our Activities

In order for us to meet our objectives, the Sautul Qur'an Foundation has regular programmes, Qira'ah Jalsahs, etc in various areas including many of the underprivileged areas in South Africa. In almost all instances, Tajweed classes for adults are launched from such Jalsahs. At times Qur'ans are also distributed freely at these Jalsahs, this forms part of our Qur'an Distribution Project.

The Sautul Qur'an Foundation South Africa also undertakes journeys to various neighbouring countries conducting our programmes and Jalsahs in order to impart the beautiful Pearls of the Noble Qur'an with the intention of visiting more countries in the future.

The Foundation publishes a newsletter that is circulated in the main Masajid on the Reef as well as it's Jalsahs. This newsletter is also sent via electronic mail to subscribers in our mailing lists. Subscriptions can be made on this site.

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