Our Purpose and Goals

The Sautul Qur'an Foundation aims to encourage every Ummati to do daily Tilawah (recitation) of the Qur'an in a correct manner. We also promote and encourage the establishment of Tajweed classes for adults (anyone who is no longer in Madrasah) on a regular basis.

The Foundation conducts workshops for the Mu'allimin (tutors) of Hifz or Tajweed classes, empowering them with the preferred methods of teaching these subjects to their students. In this way we hope to educate the Ummah proficiently regarding every aspect of the Qur'an (Tajweed, Hifz, Qira'ah and Tafsir). We strive to educate the Muslim Ummah on al-Qira'at as-Sab (the various authentic modes and manners of reciting the Noble Qur'an) and create an overall awareness and attachment of the Ummah to the Noble Qur'an.

Insha Allah.

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